Outdoor Chairs Meridiani

L'attenzione ai dettagli, l'originalità e la cura estetica sono le caratteristiche principali dei prodotti Spazio Schiatti, che sono unici, sofisticati ed eleganti.

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All you need to make the most of the beautiful days. Each item is designed to offer excellent resistance to sunlight and weathering.

The outdoor chair for the garden of your home is a versatile chair that can be used in a wide variety of situations. The simplicity of the design is an essential feature of the chair and allows it to be easily adapted to different seating arrangements, whether it is a combined set or an independent chair designed to integrate an outdoor table.

The colors offered by Spazio Schiatti to its customers are elegant and dynamic shades, which further enhance the versatility of the design. In the product the highest level of craftsmanship was used and the end result is a chair that can adapt to almost any arrangement in the garden, while maintaining its unique style.

From shabby chic to industrial, from romantic to modern style: chairs able to adapt to any context and mood. The collection of chairs by Spazio Schiatti presents a unique design, hi-tech materials and a guarantee of absolute quality, an excellent way to furnish outdoor spaces.

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