The story of Schiatti may initially be synthesized in a leit motiv: in continuous evolution. The Company was founded in 1935 as a carpentry workshop.


In 1950 with the construction of a show room of 1200 square meters. is founded Schiatti furniture that supports the production also selling to the end customer.


In 1970, the company evolved, creating new and important showroom of 3500 square meters.: Schiatti furniture starts to talk about interior design.


In 2000, with the new millennium, the company produces a deep redesign of the structure, giving space to new design trends and starting to provide services renovation, design and project management Interior.


In 2009, the support of the customers and the strong capabilities of its studio renovation and interior design induce Schiatti furnishings to a further expansion of 1200 square meters. A Schiatti and Interior Design joins the new Spazio Schiatti.