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servizi_interior Have just bought a new house and need professional advice to ameliorate space organization, optimize furnishing distribution and establish color patterns?

Need a qualified and specialized support in order to make your ideas on style and design come true?

Would like to hire the best interior designers and decorators but don’t know any trustworthy name?

Well, Spazio Schiatti might be exactly what you are looking for.
Situated in the heart of the productive district of Brianza, in the North-West of Lombardy, Spazio Schiatti proposes to its international clientele the most prestigious furniture brands: high quality homemade products, manufactured using innovative techniques and technologies, as well as first choice raw materials. Spazio Schiatti offers a worldwide consultant decoration and interior designing service.
We can assist you with professional, up-to-date advices for all of your needs in the matter of interior design and home refurbishment. We provide a full service which begins with a professional consultation, goes on with a careful and precise project, and is concluded only with the full customer satisfaction: from luxury furnishing to cutting-edge interior design, Spazio Schiatti is an international point of reference in the field of interior decoration and refurbishment.

Moreover, we can count on partners as prestigious as Cesar for the kitchen and Elite for the living, and offer a competitive specialized counseling service. Our qualified staff of interior decorators and designers is at your disposal to transform your house into your dream house.
servizi_showroom_01 What does an interior designer do?

Although today quite common also among non-Anglophone speakers, the terms design, interior decoration and interior design are often misunderstood and misused: this is why Spazio Schiatti has created a useful glossary in order to clarify the meaning of some of the words and expressions mainly used when speaking about architecture, interior decoration and interior design.

Let’s start speaking about interior design, then we will try to explain who is an interior designer and what he or she does.

What is interior design?

Interior design is the name of a heterogeneous yet interrelated group of projects whose aim is to turn a generic interior space into a new one, best fitting the purposes for which it is imagined or refurbished. A truly multifaceted discipline, interior design includes conceptual development of the project, mediation with stakeholders, and management and execution of the design.
Interior designers conduct design projects using their creativity and imagination. They are disciplined, organized and skilled professionals, who can effectively combine culture with aesthetic vision, organizational skills with creativity, leadership and public relations. In fact, interior designers need to know how to work with clients, workmen and other design professionals: they are responsible for performing interior spaces services, a purpose which encompasses programming, design analysis, space planning and aesthetics, so they need to master specialized knowledge of interior construction, building codes, equipment, materials and furnishings.
Interior designer is not a simple decorator: indeed, interior decorating is an aspect of interior design, which goes far further than the mere choice and application of finishes, such as wallpaper, fabrics and furniture. Interior designers are creative, imaginative and well trained professionals whose work encompasses a much greater scope of practice and professionalism.  

But what does an interior designer do?

  • An interior designer is the professional figure contractors or private customers turn to create the inside environment of a residential or commercial building, through proper use of colors, lighting, textiles and furnishings, according to the specifications of a client.
  • An interior design company is able to work both by himself and as part of a team made up by other interior designers, decorators, workmen, architects and engineers, in close contact with clients.
  • An interior designer aims to promote an environment that produces a positive response by gathering ideas from the client as well as experience with interior design concepts and skills: a skilled interior designer can successfully implement a carefully planned out design for any area of a home or commercial building in order to create a comfortable and pleasant environment.
  • An interior designer identifies and creatively solves problems to interpret the function and quality of the interior environment.
  • An interior designer prepares drawings and documents related to interior space design, including considerations of public health, safety and welfare protection.
  • An interior designer develops safe, functional and attractive creative solutions which meet the needs of the people using the space: they effectively combine aesthetic and psychological insights in order to increase the functionality and safety of the environment overall.
  • An interior designer is the professional figure entitled to confer with customers, institutions, workmen and other professional figures in order to develop a complete ameliorative project by using a new or an existing structure.
  • An interior designer does not simply cover the overall environment with decorative elements: indeed, he or she is able to combine analytical, technical, and creative methods to plan of the space itself.
  • An interior designer is able to manage every element found within the walls of the building, from walls to windows, from floors to lighting, from bathroom and kitchens to furnishing elements.
  • A good interior designer can evaluate the needs, weaknesses and strong points of the house or building, helping the customers to accomplish their vision.

Spazio Schiatti is an Italian refurbishment and interior design company, animated by a skilled stuff of interior designers, decorators and interior design consultants, who are at your disposal to help you imagine and realize your new home. With a philosophy characterized by the pursue of quality, aesthetic beauty and excellence in every field, as well as a policy of transparency, promptness and efficiency which identifies its full package service, Spazio Schiatti is the professional answer to every question in the field of interior design.
Spazio Schiatti Interior Design is a full service interior design firm based in the northern part of Italy, specializing in custom interior design for residences and commercial buildings. Our consultancy service includes full scale remodels, kitchen and bath design,  color planning and lighting design. In order to widen our clientele, now we offer a worldwide online consultancy design service for whoever loves the Italian Luxury Style.  We work to provide the most beautiful, artistic yet practical environments that are unique to each client’s budget, vision and needs. Whether you are simply purchasing furniture or completely gutting and remodeling an entire building, you can turn to Spazio Schiatti and find a professional guidance through the entire design process.