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Want to furnish your house with a unique, distinguishable taste? Are you looking for a specialist who gives you advices on the latest tendencies in interior design and decoration? What you desire is not just outstanding furniture, but also a complete consultancy service managed by experts who can help you develop a complete and consistent interior design project?
Spazio Schiatti, the latest branch created by the Italian furnishing Company Schiatti Arredamenti, offers a thorough and exhaustive interior design service: thanks to its specialized and professional staff, Spazio Schiatti can help you with consultancy and designing, from the choice of every single piece of furniture and/or decoration to the creation of a global, consistent design project.
We have selected the best pieces from the most prestigious Italian and international producers, and make available several homemade proposals: in both cases, product quality is the first and foremost value. Technical innovation, sophistication and originality in design, accuracy in finishes and high quality of materials are our most important criterions of choice, which we always follow when designing or refurbishing every house in the pursuit of true Italian Luxury.
Luxury, that we mean as the ability and possibility to chose among the best market offers; luxury intended as a deep knowledge of geometries and materials, instinct for trends to come, talent for connecting past, present and future with a refined fil rouge; luxury that is not a mere synonym for high-priced products, but is well described by exclusive prices proportioned to pieces which will last all life long (and often more), impervious to trends coming into and going out of fashion.
Among the innumerable services and goods which constitute Spazio Schiatti’s core business, interior design is one of the cardinal ones, and interior designers and decorators are crucial professional figures. The expression Interior Design describes the sum of activities performed by the designer in order to give a physical, consistent shape to the interiors of a house, or a professional and commercial environment, so to make it functional and aesthetically pleasant. Designing is the unavoidable premise for the creation and manufacturing of every object: starting from the initial study – which includes many factors such as the choice of materials and techniques -, it could guarantee the success of the project. Interior design uses specific norms, calculations and principles in order to make the right aesthetical and functional choices:
  • Interior designers help the client make the best choices, not only in terms of materials, but also and above all regarding the most technical and specialized aspects.
  • Interior designers show how to optimize spaces and not to waste resources.
  • Interior designers help you give unity and consistence to the different indoor spaces.
  • Form the smallest to the widest spaces, from the simplest to the most original complement, interior designers can give precise answers to every different question of the client.


The main steps of interior designing include planning and programming of the whole bunch of activities aiming to the desired result. The designers commit to study means, strategies and actions which, together with their huge experience and knowledge, will contribute to give a rational shape to the project and to concretize the client’s desires and needs.
So, as we have seen, an interior designer is a complex and versatile professional figure with a huge and highly differentiated knowledge, since Interior Design is a strongly heterogeneous field, where different techniques and disciplines intermingle.
Spazio Schiatti, with its new worldwide service, puts its highly qualified interior designers and decorators staff at the clients’ disposal, in order to flank them in every step of the project: attention to budget and deep expertise, together with a policy of complete transparency, orientation to technology innovation, continue pursue of quality and tireless attention to the clients’ needs make of Spazio Schiatti the best choice for interior design, especially for those who love Italian Luxury Design.