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Have just bought a house and don’t know where to start furnishing and decorating? Have some extra space and would like to transform it into a study or a playroom for kids? Something in your furniture is wrong or outdated and you think it’s finally time to make a renewal? You have pretty clear what you like and what you don’t, but are not sure how to make your vision real, or how to keep it all together?

If this is the situation you are stuck in, Spazio Schiatti Interior Design Consultation service might be exactly what you need to overcome the impasse.
With a tradition started in 1935 – when a carpentry workshop was established in the heart of the productive district of Brianza, near Milan – and several prestigious projects realized all over the world, Spazio Schiatti is nowadays one of the most important points of reference for Italian luxury design. We help you make your house a home with a trustworthy and accurate counseling service now available all over Europe and beyond.
During its more than 70 years of history, the Italian furnishing company has never stopped evolving and has had repeated successes and token of esteem by its selected and demanding clientele. Spazio Schiatti first showroom was opened in 1950, under the name of Schiatti Mobili, a branch dedicated to the manufacturing and direct selling of artisanal pieces of furniture.

1970, with the opening of a 3,500 square meters showroom, is the year when Schiatti Arredamenti – a company entirely devoted to interior design – is founded. But it is only with the new millennium that Schiatti decides to focus on the new tendencies in design, improving its professional skills in interior design consulting, and developing a punctual and complete customer service, which includes home refurbishment, designing and project managing.

In 2009, thanks to the ever-increasing support of a clientele interested in the ways taste and fashion evolve, and thanks to the deeper and deeper skills developed by its staff, Schiatti Arredamenti invested on a further enlargement of 1,200 square meters more: this is the very moment when the new Spazio Schiatti was born.
Organizer of many events aimed to the promotion of Italian Luxury design all over the world, today Spazio Schiatti is ready for further evolution and growth: we have selected the best pieces from the most representative collections of superior Italian Luxury Design and international furnishing producers; we have fine-tuned our customer service in order to put our professionalism and competence at your disposal, wherever you happen to be around the world; we have grown to be a solid reality in the field of elite design and furnishing, and we can now count on a large number of admirers and supporters both between simple customers and design experts.
This is why today we are proud to offer our interior design consultancy service also beyond the Italian borders, in order to share our expertise and taste with design lovers from all over the world.
But what does exactly an interior design consultant does, and why you should apply to one when refurbishing or starting to decorate your new house?

Buying a house is a huge step, and often a long lasting investment. But even the most beautiful, expensive and tailor-made house needs a great work before it becomes a home – your home. An interior design consultant is the professional figure better entitled to help you furnishing or redecorating your home (all or just part of it) in order to make it look as you always dreamed of.

People usually apply to interior design consultants when planning major renovations for their houses, or when constructing new buildings and residences, since only an expert can help them plan and take care of every aspect of the direction of construction and remodeling works in domestic and/or professional interior spaces.

But what does an interior design consultant do?

–       The interior design consultant help you decide on colors scheme and balancing, materials, and pieces of furniture which help you personalize your house by adding it original aesthetic beauty.
–       The interior design consultant give you a professional guidance with space planning and with the placement of furnishings, giving you advices on how to use scale and volume in order to create the effect you aim to.
–       The interior design consultant helps you with light designing, in order to glamorize the different environments.
–       The interior design consultant can suggest you how to transition a space to a different function: for instance, they can help you change a guest bedroom into a  home office.
–       In case you have to create a specific kind of space (like a restaurant’s refurbishment, works in health care facilities and so on), you can apply to specialized interior design consultant, who may help you focus on safety and functionality.

After getting your input on what you want, Spazio Schiatti’s interior design consultant take careful measurements, checks if specifications meet safety codes, and creates several blueprints for the new design’s proposal. Moreover, the I.D. consultant can take care of aspects like the supervision of contracted workers and the selection of paints, furniture, materials, and artwork which will cooperate to the transformation of your house in your home,

Once the project is completed, the designer confers with the client to address any concerns and suggest the necessary finishing touches. Spazio Schiatti Interior Design Consultancy service is made to fit the client needs and expectations in every aspect of the project: house refurbishments, space re-purposing, kitchen and bedroom design, home decoration, light design and choice of furniture pieces are only some of the matters we can take care of.
With a well-endowed but selected catalogue of proposals from the best collection of the greatest producers of furniture and a professional staff made by qualified and expert designers, interior design consultant and interior decorators, Spazio Schiatti is available to help you design or redesign your home, everywhere all over the world.