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More than sixty years of experience make Spazio Schiatti the reference point for luxury interior design not just in Italy but also in Europe and the rest of the world. We offer a professional design consultant service, handled by a staff of interior designers and architects, design consultants, decorators and other specialized professional figures who will flank and support you while choosing every piece of furniture.

Spazio Schiatti luxury proposal gives an original interpretation of the most interesting trends in contemporary living, giving you brilliant inspirational ideas for interior furnishing.
Our consultancy service in interior designing and furnishing includes all the planning, techniques and skills used to ameliorate, organize, personalize, optimize and enrich every kind of interior, whether intended for private or public use. Indeed, a quality furnishing needs careful planning in order to be functional and aesthetically pleasant: from the division of the space to the insertion of furnishing elements and decorations, every step is essential in order to design the space around your needs and taste.
Known to men since prehistory – when the uncouth caveman started to clumsily integrate useful elements in his home -, furnishing art has been evolving and refining in parallel with men, by giving more and more punctual answers to more and more sophisticated questions. As the centuries go by, when in the richest houses furnishings start to become an expression of wealthy and refinement, in the peasants’ dwellings the poor furniture elements are still a practical answer to down-to-earth necessities.
It is only during the 20th Century, when welfare starts to spread all over Western Europe, that we assist to the so-called design democratization: interior furnishing stops being a luxury for few and becomes a necessity for many. Nowadays, notions as interior design and optimization of the space are familiar to an increasing number of people, with a deeper and more developed education to beauty and taste.

While trends and influences never stop running after each other, and even more complex and specific needs are rising, the art of furnishing answers to the human need of creating a comfortable environment around oneself, one that at the same time express in an original way the personality and taste of the landlord.
Apparently an easy task within everybody’s reach, interior furniture is actually based on a wide range of skills and notions which can only be fully developed through years of experience, along with intuition and good taste. That’s why you should always turn to a professional interior design expert in order to plan out your home, office, store or public spot.
A versatile, proactive and acute figure devoted to listening, catching and elaborating the client’s ideas, the interior decorator combines notions from architecture, painting, sculpture and pop culture, and uses his or her skills in order to help the client in the designing, decoration or refurbishment of his or her house.

From micro to macro, the interior decorator can help you harmonize every single piece of furniture, in order to give equilibrium and consistency to the single rooms and to the house as a whole.
With many original chic proposal, Spazio Schiatti helps you add a touch of class and personality to private and public interiors, thanks to its competent interior designers and decorators, and thanks to a wide selection of products which includes the most prestigious luxury furnishings brands.

With its online consultancy service now available all around the world, Spazio Schiatti is the point of reference for Luxury Design Furnishing with a hint of Italian style.